Dietary restrictions could reduce periodontal disease

Since it has been evidenced that periodontitis results in local and systemic inflammation, researchers have recently examined the effects of dietary restrictions on both treatment response and inflammation in periodontal disease. The study, which is the first systematic review to assess the possible effect of dietary restrictions on periodontal disease, found that restricting calorie intake can help improve the periodontal condition by reducing local and systemic inflammation.

The review included four animal studies and two studies in humans. The researchers found that certain approaches to dietary or caloric restriction may affect periodontal conditions by reducing local and systemic inflammation and improving clinical parameters, thus minimising periodontal disease progression when compared with such progression when a normal diet is followed.

However, the researchers noted that the findings should be interpreted with caution since the systematic review only included a limited number of studies, the majority of which were conducted on animal models. Additionally, the human studies were methodologically simple studies with only a four-month follow-up period. Therefore, the researchers believe that further studies in the area should be undertaken.