Tooth brushing habits

Brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste can lower your risk of heart disease according to a new study. The study examined the tooth-brushing habits of nearly 700 adults and investigated the risk of having or dying from a heart attack, heart failure or stroke. It also highlighted the likelihood that poor oral health can lead to poor general health.

In response to these findings, the Oral Health Foundation stresses the importance of taking good care of your oral health, believing it can provide benefits that go far beyond the mouth.

Dr Nigel Carter, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, says: “Findings like this may sound slightly scary to hear but it could prove to be just the push we need to take better care of our oral health.

“This study adds to the growing scientific evidence that there is a strong link between the health of our mouth and that of our body. For many years, gum disease has been linked with conditions like strokes, diabetes, dementia, and pregnancy outcomes. These are all serious conditions that could impact on a person’s quality of life.”

The new study was presented during an American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions meeting in Chicago. It follows European research conducted earlier this year which highlighted a link between gum disease and erectile dysfunction.

Dr Carter adds that brushing twice a day, cleaning in between your teeth once a day and regular visits to the dentist are the best way to avoid problems like gum disease.